Hints through 1~10

?: Quite early, aren't you?
1: Click....
2: What is the hand pointing to? Maybe change it to the next one?
3: Depths of the dark? Hmm...maybe go down?
4: There's a piece of text hiding very well. Maybe edit the image a bit? (Use GIMP)
5: You could just use cipher identifier | The candy starts with L
6: This is the white chocolate version. The name of the chocolate is only 4 letters
7: What is the text saying to do?
8: Combine the picture & source hint then search | You'll need a video game
9: What is the thing in the picture? Maybe that should help.
10: What are those things that are 'odd'? Maybe grab another level and compare.
>11: You're on your own! Don't worry, you can join the discord to get some help!